Pearl Media combines a number of emerging creative disciplines and technologies to maximize the scale of any brand experience. Consumers that encounter our experiences stop, engage, talk and share them without fail. Below is our informational rabbit hole of creativity, how it fits together, and amazing case studies for each. It’s as close as you can get to the song-and-dance we give in person. That still comes highly recommended though. Snacks are included.


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New York City


Create unique experiences.

Projection Mapping

A healthy blend of architectural mapping, projection media and 3D animation transforms virtually any physical surface into a digital canvas for jaw dropping design. Possibilities are endless here; we’ve turned a hotel into a giant arcade claw game, made a building disappear, created a Mirage at music festivals, made mannequins come to life and much more. We’re not magicians but it’s kind of like magic.

Video Solutions

As much as we love projection, there are a handful of other video formats we fancy. Massive digital displays, screens, video wall arrays and even holograms just to name a few. We design and engineer displays that fit your space. While others sell sizes and dimensions we create opportunities that best fit the environment to maximize messaging, consumer reaction and overall exposure.

Interactive Experiences

We design and build brand immersive interactive experiences that will get consumers touching and feeling your brand that create personal and one-to-one brand conversations. Tapping into basic human instincts, we use interactive inputs like touch, gesture and augmented reality for prolonged brand-to-consumer experiences that live on through mobile and social extensions. This is where creative and technology meet to totally amaze consumers; leaving them with their jaws open and Instagram accounts filled.

Event Production

Every event detail speaks volumes about your brand, which is why we custom design every element: lighting, sound, staging, props, etc. Attendees will feel and acknowledge your brand before the curtain is even raised. If our events seem like they are made by a Hollywood production experts, that’s because they are. We have stolen some of the best minds from major film studios, concert production, Broadway and festivals, all touching every aspects of our productions to create something totally new, different and eccentric.

Physical Displays

Yes we are in the Digital Age, but there is still something to be said for “hand made” Through all our digital explosions we haven’t lost the traditional art of hand craftsmanship. We can hammer, saw, sand, smooth and weld original physical displays, props and art that complement the digital world, speak to your brand and leave a lasting image of your brand.

Event Permitting

Experiential marketing is not just about crafting a memorable experience, that’s only half the equation. Where you put it is equally important. We couldn’t be luckier to have a dedicated real estate team that works with and understands how to get things done.   This team of Government snipers works with Cities, Parks, Festivals, and more to procure locations, gain approvals and permits that ensure your experiences are in the right locations with maximum exposure and no disturbance.