Take over entire buildings and massive walls with the biggest and boldest large format outdoor inventory from Pearl.

Large Format Outdoor Media in the Top Cities

With handpicked inventory for the biggest impact, an entire neighborhood can’t miss your ad.

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Los Angeles

With Pearl, your ads can reach more than the people on the sidewalk. Our always-growing inventory includes media opportunities you can see from the air.

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LV Gateway

At over 9,600 square feet, this MASSIVE digital screen on the Vegas Strip shines bright! With 16M+ Impressions this impressive board is ready for all your 3D Anamorphic needs!


Take over this growing city with Pearl’s large format outdoor opportunities, from 13-foot-tall trolleys driving around town to ads on the sides of the biggest buildings in Downtown Nashville.

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How Large Format Outdoor Media
Grows Your Brand

Bring your brand to life with towering placements in top cities. Your consumers can’t miss these outdoor ads that takeover street corners, buildings, major highways, and downtown skylines.
These placements make your brand a landmark in the most densely populated areas for massive reach and exposure.