DECOBIKE Advertising in Miami South Beach

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First-Ever On-Bicycle Advertising Allows Brands to Own the Streets, Reach On-the-Go Consumers With Ecofriendly Program

MIAMI – April X, 2013 – Pearl Media today announced the company has partnered with Miami Beach’s DECOBIKE, a revolutionary public bicycle sharing and rental program, to launch the city’s first-ever, on-bicycle advertising solution. The out-of-home advertising alternative provides brands a cost-effective way to reach consumers across 95 percent of the exclusive Miami South Beach market. Retailer H&M has signed on as the first advertiser, utilizing the eco-friendly, on-bike advertising to promote its 2013 Conscious Collection, a more sustainable fashion line, and to drive traffic to the South Beach H&M retail store.

“Our DECOBIKE program is custom made for brands like H&M who want to actively reach consumers in a new, non-intrusive way. Your brand goes where the consumer goes, offering millions of active impressions,” said Josh Cohen, President/CEO of Pearl Media. “We are providing greater coverage, consumer penetration and brand awareness in one the country’s most challenging but sought out out-of-home markets. In a city with no billboards and very few bus shelters, our DECOBIKE program provides the only way to blanket the market with your message.”

H&M ads will run on 40 bike stations and on the baskets of more than 900 bikes throughout Miami’s South Beach through April 14. Ads are viewable by cars on the street and passers-by. Pearl Media can provide brand ambassadors and street teams to supplement brand awareness and offer product sampling and distribution. Social media applications including QR codes and NFC tags can also be incorporated to drive retail activity.

“DECOBIKE is dedicated to providing and operating world-class public bike sharing programs to forward-thinking cities, providing easy-to-use, environmentally conscious transportation throughout Miami’s South Beach,” said Ricardo Pierdant, President of DECOBIKE. “We’re thrilled to have a great retailer like H&M as a partner. Importantly, the program kiosk ads are the only large format ads available in Miami South Beach, other than bus shelters. I’m confident H&M will benefit materially.”

Pearl Media is the U.S. leader in immersive 3D projection experiences, interactive storefronts and large format outdoor campaigns, known for leveraging display areas, both large and small, for innovative programs to create lasting impressions for brands. The DECOBIKE program further demonstrates its ability to creatively use untapped spaces to tell brand stories.

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DECOBIKE, LLC is a Miami-based firm dedicated to providing and operating world-class public bike sharing program to forward-thinking cities and campuses. The initial deployment will consist of approximately 1,000 custom DECOBIKES and 100+ solar-powered, automated DECOSTATIONS. These stations offer easy-to-use, environmentally conscious transportation accessible throughout the City. Based on public bike sharing trends globally, the program is expected to expand rapidly to satisfy the growing demand for a cleaner, healthier way for local commuters and visitors to enjoy the city in all of its glory. All you need is a membership or credit card to access and enjoy the benefits of the program. DECOBIKE Miami Beach also offers a variety of sponsor assets to responsible corporations interested in making a difference and being a part of the “Green” movement. Corporate sponsorships, outdoor advertising opportunities, mobile apps, concerts and events are available as a part of the DECOBIKE program to gain unparalleled exposure and goodwill for your business.