How to Create Viral Contagion for 3D Projection Events

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3D Projection Mapping is one of the most artistically compelling, and potentially cost-effective, ways to express a brand idea while anchoring a major brand event. Combining visual disruption with grand scale and inherent earned-media sensitivity, it is quickly becoming the main event. The key driver of this trend is viral contagion.

The majority of planning and development for a 3D Projection Mapping experience is focused on the concept, 3D animation, operational logistics and event coordination. However, because there are only so many consumers that can be reached on location, metrics planning is a critical success factor and differentiator. The location numbers can range from 3,000 to 10,000. Clearly, these impressions alone can’t yield a healthy ROI. However, by implementing a live-stream, strategic social media program and a targeted earned media plan the experiential activation can be virally spread and shared by millions.


Live Streaming

3D Projection Mapping events create a unique immersive environment for all in attendance. However, by extending the program with an online live-stream, consumers can tune in remotely via promoted links to experience the event in real time. Based on past experience, when pre-promoted effectively, live-streaming can bring an additional 200,000+ consumers into the shared brand experience.

Social Media

Given the technological savvy of today’s consumer, brand teams should expect consumers to take photos and videos of these massive 3D projections and share it with their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram networks. For every social media share, we estimate an outgrowth of 4 more shares. To ensure brand integrity through these sharing experiences, dedicated hash tags should be implemented and promoted to give readers context of the social media post as well as additional, measurable brand data.

There are other ways to encourage consumers to use dedicated hash tags. The first is to implement them as an interactive component for 3D Projection Mapping events. 3D projection content can actually be manipulated by social media interaction. By utilizing dedicated hash tags, consumers can interact with the projection through a simple Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram upload. The second is to use social media messages utilizing the dedicated hash tag as an entry point for prizes while promoting the brand message. Finally, as some marketers know, tying-in with a known talent/celebrity grows the viral component exponentially, allowing the brand to tap into the talent’s built-in social outlets and loyal following.

Earned Media

Potentially the largest factor in creating viral contagion for 3D Projection Mapping event is earned media. In one of our previous blog entries, we referenced our Lexus program. The Lexus and Pearl Media marketing teams collaborated on a targeted plan. Hundreds of news and entertainment outlets covered the Lexus 3D Earth Night Event to reach more than 10 million households nationwide. By planning and implementing a targeted public relations and social media strategy with connective tissue to the event, the Lexus program exceeded a very aggressive success metric.

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