Last Week Today @ Pearl Media 3.6.19

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Random Pearl Quote of the Week:

“They said timing was everything, made him want to be everywhere, there’s a lot to be said for nowhere” – Pearl Jam


Glossier is known for their “no-makeup” aesthetic, but they are revving things up with their new line. Glossier Play is a brand of dialed-up beauty extras that are a little more fun….now sparkling big and bright on our Hollywood wallscape!


Long gone are the days of being judged for having your shirt untucked. Untuckit designs shirts that are actually meant to be worn untucked! Try them out and look as stylish as the model on our displays at Brookfield Place!


Corn syrup?! Nope! Not here! Bud Light makes it loud & clear on our massive Dallas wall that, unlike like other beers, they do not use corn syrup. I mean…who wants that anyway, right?!


Haven’t checked out Samsung 837 yet? Well…what are you waiting for?! There is so much to do there, it’s like a digital playground for all!  And while you’re in the area, cross on over to Chelsea Market to check them out on our digital network!


Looks like it was red plaid day at the Pearl office! Oh and stay tuned…they’re coming out with their first single too! “The Half Smiling Lumberjacks”