Navigating the Boundary Between Artistic and Commercial 3D Projection Content

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3D Projection Mapping, an experiential advertising medium that is disrupting the out-of-home media landscape, is gaining advocacy and traction.  It has captured the attention of advertisers as well as agency creatives, planners and buyers seeking the latest in innovative content. With its inherently viral-friendly format and stunning visual capabilities, 3D Projection Mapping is now a sought after solution to deliver a brand’s message in a unique and contagious manner.

This format for consumer immersion, often epic in proportion, can vary greatly in the degree of marketing impact and lasting consumer impressions. One of the key factors that can make or break a 3D Projection Mapping program is the specific content. Yes, the visual dexterity and clarity of the 3D projection animation matters, but the key underpinning is the balance of artistic and commercial content. The most successful 3D Projection Mapping programs walk a fine line between the two:  consumers need to be visually captivated while taking away a single-mined brand message.

Lexus-3D-Projection-advertising-outdoor advertising
When defining this line, two crucial standards must be applied to the projection content: does the content have clear connectivity to the brand; and, is it share-worthy – does it offer a unique and involving visual experience?

Unexpected effects coupled with artistic, smile-inducing visual creative breathe life into 3D projection experiences. Without engaging content, the 3D projection is reduced to nothing short of an elaborate PC screen saver. From a commercial perspective, however, it should not be a 4:00 3D version of the :30 TV commercial either.

To properly convey the brand message the 3D projection content relies on developing a theme that’s consistent with the brand platform. The imagery and experience flow needs to paint a picture expressing the brand message while delivering an overarching aesthetic that is different enough to encourage consumer-to-consumer content sharing.

When the perfect balance of artistry and brand expression in 3D projection mapping is achieved, you’ll be pleased with the viral metrics and comparably low CPMs. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Below is a case study for a Lexus 3D Projection Mapping Event in Hollywood. The proof points are clear.

Lexus 3D Projection Mapping Case Study