The New Look of Pearl

By November 3, 2014 News No Comments

Pearl Media rebrands with fresh new look and direction.


Pearl Media New Identity

You might have noticed already-Pearl Media has taken on a fresh new look. Triggered by our growth and focus, we’ve evolved the brand to more closely align with our pioneering out-of-home experiential work. “We’ve come so far from where we started seven years ago as a small, traditional media agency,” says Josh Cohen, CEO/founder, Pearl. “We needed a new identity to express Pearl’s DNA as more than just a media company. We have evolved into a unique creative and experiential agency with amazing talent, conceiving, designing and executing ground-breaking programs for our clients. Everything from our thinking, approach, ideas, clients, opportunities, technology and our execution have all been finessed. At the same time, our OOH inventory has also progressed, now encompassing some of the most prominent opportunities in top markets. The new identity represents our forward thinking and aggressive methodology.”

Our Creative Director, Jim Read, led the redesign effort and developed language to inform the design exploration. “What sets us apart is our careful balance of concept and execution, and our process which embraces pushing beyond our comfort zone,” he says. “Our new identity pivots from the monogram, a mark that is fresh, bold, clean and a touch abstract. The system is also wonderfully modular, paving the way to success in all of its applications.”

“All of our employees see themselves in this new identity, and feel part of its evolution and proud of what it stands for,” added Cohen. “This transformation is not just due to our growth in amazing talent but the demands and challenges from our clients as well. For that we are incredibly grateful.”