Pearl Media – Pepsi Gateway to Super Bowl Experience

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Pearl Media creates gateway to Super Bowl experience for Pepsi.

New Orleans. February 3, 2013.


Pearl Media used the Astor Crowne Plaza, at the corner of Canal and Bourbon Streets, as its canvas to create a “Keep the Party Rajun” building projection experience for Pepsi. Beginning January 31 and continuing through Super Bowl, the Astor was brought to life through a massive 2D projection celebrating Pepsi, Tostidos and NFL tailgate culture. The size and scale of the projection, coupled with the location, ensured that consumers were engaged with the messaging on their way from downtown New Orleans to other main events – including the Super Bowl.

A Pepsi and Tostidos building wrap, below the projection, added to the experience to help create lasting impressions for the brands. See it for yourself here: