Pearl Media Brings Guerrilla 2D Building Projection to Next Level with “Jobs” Launch

By September 4, 2013 News No Comments


Pearl Media’s success has been built on incorporating various innovative digital technologies that optimize brand immersion and exposure. In 2013 we have created several 3D projections and interactive experiences for blue chip clients. However, there is much more depth and range to our portfolio of projection assets. Recently, we created a guerrilla 2D projection campaign for the release of the biographical film “Jobs,” starring Ashton Kutcher, which demanded technological precision and logistical craft.  Given the film’s subject matter – arguably the greatest technological innovator of the last 100 years – the Pearl team insisted on a 2D quality worthy of this subject; and, a 2D projection that would be a clear differentiator above the typical project-and-run variety.


jobs-guerrillia-projection-body advertising


Various elements of technological and implementation savvy go into making a 2D projection transcend the ordinary, including throw distance and keystoning, as well as the latest equipment and trained professional projectionists. These four core elements of 2D projection help distinguish a great projection program from others.

Quite simply, we can’t overstate the importance and relevance of experienced projectionists who bring the same level of artistry to our 2D guerrilla assignments as they do our 3D projection mapping events. Pearl Media’s projectionists not only bring an executional dexterity and heightened level of confidence, but an element of surprise to the content – clarity, quality and visibility. Essentially, Pearl Media gives our clients a bigger bang for their 2D dollar.


Throw Distance

When developing a guerrilla 2D projection, calibration time is typically limited by the need to move quickly. Due to the inherent time constraints, our technical, logistics and projectionist teams optimize projection distances (throw distance) to achieve proper scale and clarity, eliminating trial and error and producing a professional, effective experience with faster maneuverability.



Each targeted location canvas has unique and distinctive projection angles, often skewing the content. This obstacle is remedied through keystoning, which is the process of calibrating an image to be projected at an angle for maximum clarity. Despite the often extreme high/low or left/right projector placement, our skilled projectionists utilize specialized software to manipulate the projectors to display the image in its intended format. Similar to determining throw distance, without expert projectionists keystoning would be too time consuming, requiring lengthy trial and error while limiting the ability to adapt and project quickly and clearly from one location to the next.


Utilizing our 2D projection expertise, Pearl Media has redefined the traditional 2D guerrilla projection tactics.  Our differentiating quality is another opportunity to create lasting impressions through experiential advertising, placing your brand in targeted neighborhoods in any key market.