Pearl Media’s Top 5 Must See 3D Projection Events

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3D Projection Mapping is an innovative and disruptive way that outdoor media is being transformed by mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. It’s attracting a lot of attention among advertising agencies, advertisers and media buying services who seek out the best of the best: ones that are “must see,” “jaw-dropping” and balance brand messaging with artistic differentiation.

We’ve produced a number of them. Here are our top five 3D Projection Mapping programs and the brands that expressed these must see events.


1. LoopNet: How 3D Projection made a downtown LA building disappear

Pearl Media utilized its expertise in both 3D projection and event production to stage a visually intense outdoor event for LoopNet. Our technology created the illusion of a building disappearing from the downtown LA skyline. In synergy with the projection event, the Grammy Award winning band Train took the stage for a full set. The production, staging, lighting and music created an unforgettable VIP event completely produced by Pearl Media. View case study.


2. Chevrolet: Why the Sonic is in Guinness Book of World Records

A real time digital interactive claw game was added to the projection mapping we did for Chevrolet. The Sonic entered into a new platform that combined old-school fun with cutting edge technology to connect the Sonic with fun-seeking consumers. View case study.


3. Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit Launch: Our largest 3D Projection Mapping event

Projected onto Caesar’s Palace architecture in Las Vegas, our largest 3D projection behind Sport’s Illustrated’s largest selling issue utilized 51,000 square feet. This overwhelmingly large projection served as the swimsuit issue’s launch party centerpiece. Additionally, over 200,000 offsite consumers were able to watch the 3D projection via live-streaming on all of Time, Inc.’s web platforms. View case study.


4. Lexus: When 3D Projection is combined with an event held around the world

On Earth Day, at the famous Roosevelt Hotel of Los Angeles, the 3D mapping projection for Lexus occurred with over 30,000 consumers on-site over 2 nights. With 700,000+ YouTube viral video views and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Extra TV, this 3D projection reached over 10 million households. View case study.


5. Hyundai: An international arts festival’s first ever 3D installation

In Miami at Ocean Drive’s famous Tides Hotel, we produced a 3D projection to create Art Basel’s largest canvas. The projection mapping animation was inspired by the famous graphic design style seen in 1980’s and early 1990’s video games, now referred to as 8-bit art. The installation was created to a new song called “fzzt&furiouz” by 8-bit genre band, Anamanaguchi.

For those looking for best examples of 3D Projection Mapping, these are 5 experiences we believe you wouldn’t want to miss. Do these videos bring the must see quality of 3D Projection Mapping events to you?

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