What Is DOOH Advertising?

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What Is DOOH Advertising?

Advertising has been in existence for as long as human beings have conducted business, but until recently, most outdoor advertising techniques have remained the same. Of course, traditional ads have gone from being hand-drawn to being printed professionally at a printing press, to being designed and copied onto high-quality paper. However, the medium of outdoor advertising itself has not gone through many changes until recently.

Digital ads have been gaining popularity in the past few years, partially due to the desire to reduce paper usage, and partly due to the conveniences associated with a digitized world. 

To remain current with the latest marketing technology, it’s essential to learn about DOOH advertising and what it means for businesses just like yours.

What is DOOH Advertising: Defined

DOOH stands for “digital out-of-home” and it applies to a certain type of marketing avenue that displays ads and promotional content through a digital medium in a public area. Displaying out-of-home ads is one of the oldest marketing techniques in the world, but the digitization of said advertisements is relatively new. It has grown in popularity in recent years and is predicted to continue expanding, as this ad medium presents advantages that traditional advertising either can’t provide or does not excel at.

Advantages of DOOH Advertising 

A common question that follows “what is DOOH advertising,” is, “why should I invest in digitizing my ads when I’ve used traditional OOH marketing in the past?”

There are several advantages that come with making the change from traditional OOH advertising to DOOH advertising. Some of these benefits include:

  • Durability: The digital screens that protect DOOH ads are quite durable. They’re resistant to impact, weather conditions, and overall wear. A digital ad will not become sun-bleached or get torn down by high winds the way a paper or cardboard ad might.
  • Visibility: Digital ads are projected on a screen, meaning that they have their own light source. These ads will remain visible at night, prevent glare when the sun catches them, and they’ll stay clear and crisp throughout the duration of the campaign they’re serving.
  • Budget-Friendly: While a digital ad may be expensive upfront, the durability, visibility, and flexibility of this medium present quite the potential to save money on marketing. These ad types do not require copies to be printed, and the labor involved in the installation process is significantly less demanding. Further, these ads can be displayed on any screen within their network, so businesses can reach a wide audience with a single investment.
  • Data Analysis: Digital ads not only display clear marketing content but the programs that manage ad content are designed to collect and analyze pertinent data. This includes projection times, locations, and possible interactions (through code scans and touch screens). Additional metrics and analysis are possible when moving DOOH content into the Cloud.
  • Higher ROI: The efficiency of digital ads will not only reduce the costs associated with physical supplies (stands, prints, etc.), but with the added data and metric capabilities, business owners stand to improve their marketing techniques and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Programmatic Approach 

Another question that follows, “what is DOOH advertising,” is, “what is the programmatic approach in DOOH advertising?” Many business owners who are relatively new to DOOH advertising have heard the term “programmatic” or “the programmatic approach” but they may draw a blank when speculating on the meaning of it.

To clarify, the programmatic approach refers to tools and data that allow both buyers and sellers to get in front of deals and promotions based on specific audience features. This includes localities and group demographics, to state an example. When the right features are collected and this subgroup in the audience has been highlighted, automated services purchase digital ad space without requiring human involvement.

This approach simply adds a layer of convenience to marketing efforts and the analysis of data helps guarantee smart marketing decisions on the company’s behalf.

DOOH Advertising Trends

While DOOH advertising has only been around for a few years, there are already trends that businesses marketing their products and services have followed. For example, some common, long-lasting DOOH advertising trends include:

  • Above-Street and Street-Level Digital Monitors
  • Large Digital Wallscapes
  • Screens with Motion Sensors & Camera Triggers
  • Ad Projections
  • Interactive Screens
  • Programmatic Data & Analysis

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