A New Car UI: Designing for the experience

By March 25, 2014 Blog No Comments

So many of us, so frequently, talk about and design sites or digital experiences that are “responsive”, mainly using the term to describe how the application reacts to the DEVICE on which it is experienced. Most of the time, designing creative that works across any device is exactly what your program, site, or client needs – but it rarely takes the USER or the EXPERIENCE into account. We use the same buttons, logos and key artwork and just put it in a wrapper that we know will work across any device while ignoring how the user will actually experience our design (as illustrated in this article from Matthaeus Krenn, “Designing a New Car UI”) It’s unrealistic to develop applications intended for millions of consumers while at the same time designing for individual devices (or device families). But it’s time to start really understanding how consumers use their devices to experience your creative and start designing for the experience. In this industry we have a chance to create new standards, set new paradigms and design experiences that leave lasting impressions on people – not just create new users or new consumers. Whether designing a new car UI, a new kiosk interface for a retail installation, creating a branded experience from a raw storefront – even a “run of the mill bus shelter” – an individual execution becomes an opportunity to create a new experience.