10 Creative Spaces for Advertising

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creative spaces for advertising

A key component of successful advertising is the location of the ads. In populated areas, it can be challenging to post an advertisement in an ideal location due to the competition between companies for limited space. 

If you’re struggling to find optimal locations for your ads, take a look at these creative spaces for advertising.

Advertisers who find it challenging to find ideal locations for ads might be looking in the wrong places. Traditional signs and billboards are the go-to media when it comes to marketing a company’s business, but there are several creative new ways to advertise in today’s world. 

#1- Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are an excellent choice when trying to find ad space in public settings. Because the displays can alternate, there exists an opportunity to share ad space with other businesses. The ability to display several ads on one billboard reduces the need for individual billboard construction and limits ad crowding.

#2- Projection Ads

Projection advertisement is a creative way to get around needing spaces for advertising when not a lot of space is available. Projection ads are displayed above the city streets and they draw the eye of people passing through because they stand out among the solid street-level ads that decorate urban areas.

#3- Bulletins

Bulletin ads come in several sizes and they’re ideal when it comes to finding creative ways to advertise. A bulletin can be displayed almost anywhere and because these ad types are usually posted at eye level, they’re effective at attracting an audience and getting potential customers to remember them.

#4- Wall Murals

Wall murals are desirable when marketers want to utilize large spaces for advertising. A wall mural can take up a significant amount of a building’s outer wall, and when the mural presents a high-quality, eye-catching design, it’s impossible to ignore.

#5- Transit Ads

Waiting is a normal part of public transportation, and because people are bound to examine their surroundings while they wait, posting ads in and around transit stops is a creative marketing idea. Bus shelters, subway stations, and even taxis can draw a significant amount of attention from people utilizing transit services.

#6- Storefront Banners

Vacant storefronts have started presenting marketers with an excellent opportunity to advertise their businesses at a more affordable price than several other ad methods. Repurposing empty stores as spaces for advertising provides growing companies with ways to post ads in areas where they will most definitely get noticed.

#7- Outdoor Kiosks

Posting ads on or near heavily trafficked outdoor kiosks is a surefire way to spread awareness about the goods and services a growing company is offering. While these ads are typically smaller in size than other outdoor ad mediums, outdoor kiosks present an effective way to advertise a business without a lot of financial investment required.

#8- Arena/Stadium Ads

Though the ad space available at arenas and stadiums is usually on the more expensive side, investing in one of these spaces for advertising is likely to present an immense benefit to businesses in this position. Thousands of people visit arenas and stadiums when an event is scheduled, and because these ads are typically large and easy to see, thousands of people will take notice of them.

#9- Street Furniture

Benches and other pieces of street furniture are ideal spaces for advertising, especially in areas that see significant foot traffic. Whether people utilize benches or simply pass by on their route, street furniture is easy to see and provides growing businesses with the ability to present themselves to locals and visitors alike.

#10- Digital Posters

Many advertisers want to plaster their ads onto large billboards above the city streets, but for companies that are still relatively small, this advertising method isn’t always feasible due to the cost. Instead, opting for digital posters or banners can present a unique opportunity to gain attention from potential customers at eye level. These digital ads, while smaller than a billboard, display the offers a business wants to advertise so long as the ad is eye-catching and clear in its purpose.

Standing out among competing companies involves several steps, but ad placement is becoming one of the simpler elements in the equation. Getting creative with ad space is essential for small businesses and those who hope to grow despite not having the funds or access needed for traditional advertising. 

Street-level, eye-level, and overhead ads are optimal when it comes to ensuring that your goods and services are going to be marketed to as many people as possible.

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